The vision of Innovator’s Equipment Inc. (IQUIP) is built on the potential we see for using available technology to significantly increase productivity and efficiency across multiple industries. This forward-thinking vision is built on the same driving principles fueling our ownership through other business ventures and life. Our core principles revolve around a “can do, will do” attitude toward solution-oriented business. It is our commitment to work hard, but also “work smart”, as we strive to keep things simple for the end users of our products. It is our desire to become a team with our suppliers, vendors, and customers to do what’s right for all. We are committed to continuing improvement and innovation. Our vision of the industry looks beyond the processes and products currently in the marketplace.

IQUIP follows a code of ethics built around integrity, accountability, and leading by example. As we work every day to become better, we promise to help our customers achieve this same level of success.

We build our business by providing quality equipment and customer service surpassing all expectations.

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